List of Dr. Hayden Kho’s women: The compilation

Based on news reports on the Hayden sex scandal, legal complaints, Senate press releases, entertainment columns, TV talk shows and radio interviews, here is the ultimate list of women linked or being linked to Dr. Hayden Kho, a commercial model who practiced cosmetic medicine for the Belo Medical Group, whose clients include the country’s top celebrities and models. The list is a virtual All-Star team.

viki1. Dr. Vicky Belo – the Philippines’ most prominent cosmetic surgeon. She was a long-time lover of Hayden, who worked for her in the Belo Medical Group. Belo had already admitted she and Hayden had recorded a private sex video, but the said video was never leaked. She had Hayden’s computer hard drive searched for the videos of Hayden’s women which resulted in their discovery. The result was one of the biggest sex scandals in Asia. Apparently, all women had some things in common: good looks, long hair, light complexion and a doctor, actress or model.

katrina-halili2. Katrina Halili – a bit actress whose affair with Hayden Kho in led to the breakup of Hayden and Belo in December 2008. Three sex videos of her and Hayden had been leaked to the Internet. She had filed legal complaints against Hayden for recording their trysts without her knowledge.

maricar_reyes3. Maricar Reyes – A commercial model and physician. Former girlfriend of Hayden. Three videos of her and Hayden had been uploaded and shared on the Web. She entered showbusiness via ABS-CBN’s TV series “I Love Betty La Fea” along with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Maricar is also a model for the Belo Medical Group.

mariana-del-rio4. Mariana Del Rio – A 5′10 commercial model who’s half Brazilian, half Filipino. She was 16 years old when she became popular with the Samba Brazilian-Style Corned Beef Commercial. She’s reportedly back in Sao Paolo, Brazil. A sex video of her and Hayden was also released on the web.

isabel_oli5. Isabella (Isabel) Oli – A commercial model. She had past relationship with Marco Alcaraz and Paolo Contis. There is talk of a sex video with Hayden but nothing has materialized.

princess-velasco6. Princess Velasco – a former marketing assistant of Belo. She had reportedly admitted having an affair with Hayden. Velasco’s boyfriend was said to have been responsible for reporting the existence of the videos to Belo, who then had Hayden’s friend, Eric Chua, enter Hayden’s condo unit and take the videos from his laptop computer. There is no sex video of Princess and Hayden that was released

iza-calzado7. Iza Calzado – Iza Calzado hosted the 18th Anniversary celebration of the Belo Medical Group. Iza Calzado’s connection with Hayden is just a talk of showbiz gossipists but some columnists are talking of a sex video with Hayden that’s being spread via cellphones.

bea-alonzo8. Bea Alonzo – a client of the Belo Medical Group. She’s a star of the ABS-CBN TV network.

ruffa-mae-quinto9. Rufa Mae Quinto – Rufa Mae Quinto allegedly had an affair with Hayden before the Hayden-Katrina affair. She however, denied reports that she was the reason for the breakup of Dr. Belo and Dr. Kho.  There are persistent talks of a Hayden Kho-Rufa Mae video, but none has surfaced so far.

lolit10. Lolit Solis – Hayden’s former talent manager. She was the one who revealed that Rufa Mae and Hayden had an affair. She has turned to one of Hayden’s most vocal critics. A Hayden-Lolit Solis video has become a subject of prank text messages and emails, apparently a humorous take on their professional relationship that has turned sour.

The names listed thus far are all celebrities. An ongoing Senate investigation on the allegedly 40 plus sex videos of Hayden Kho revealed more women, some of them businesswomen in the elite circles.

Kho allegedly recorded all his sexual trysts in secret.

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