About Me

I’m just a random guy with a random thoughts, with a random smile, a random face, a random attitude, a random front and a random blogger. Im just bored ayt now. will update this bs later. k thanks bye.

19 Responses to About Me

  1. jollyflip2010 says:

    Come on people. Everyone is acting like a bunch of hypocrites. Of course, the guy had to videotape his sex act, what other proof will he have of actually “doing” it these fine collection of women. Just because the P.I. happens to be a Catholic country, doesn’t mean, a person can’t have fun. For those women who thinks that they have not been videotaped, good luck. Look yourselves in the mirror and do a confession(s).

    Way to go Hayden! Bro, YOU ARE THE MAN!

  2. cebu girls says:

    sana si hayden ay mabilango kasi nilaruan niya ang mag babae. tapos sinugaling pa…if he never knows about the sex video scandal why he have a video on his house and invite girls to be at his home and do sex.. i hope he will be prison. coz thats easy ang ginagawa niya.

  3. jack says:

    hayden, dumating na ang kalbaryo mo, babaksak kana. akala mo malaki ang titi mo eh maliit naman!!

  4. jack says:

    hayden, isa kang halaman na gumagapang na pailalim! kupal ka. comon get me and fuck me!!!!!

  5. arwin says:

    hayden i like you’ papa pwede kaba sarap mo….

  6. jack says:

    hayden, isa kang halaman na gumagapang na pailalim! kupal ka……

  7. jack says:

    hayden, dumating na ang kalbaryo mo, babaksak kana…….

  8. Anonymous says:

    somebody kill this guy!

  9. lanski says:

    doc,ang galing kumalikot hindi lang sa operasyon kundi alam mo na. pero you deserve to be in jail for what you did para mapuwitan ka din. demonyo ka.

  10. shinja says:

    hello, can I see the video pleasE? I am really curious kasi.. thanks

  11. nbi_agent69 says:

    yari ka..hahahahaha

  12. grim reaper says:

    cud i take a look at the video to see the truth? posts in youtube are already removed for public viewing…can i request for the link instead? so i cud see for myself

  13. robertparkins says:

    would you be so kind to email me the video? with much thanks..

  14. momonja says:

    sir, pwede po pasend ng links please.. more power 2 u.. peentch@gmail.com

  15. mike says:

    bro, padala naman link to my email address kung pwede…..got the hots for Maricar…..thanks bro …more power to you!!!!!!

  16. rain says:

    hope you’re happy now

  17. younggun says:

    fuck you

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